Unique Hexagon Shelf Decoration Ideas Easy to DIY

Unique Hexagon Shelf Decoration Ideas Easy to DIY

Hexagonal or honeycomb shelves are now the most trending decorative pieces that completely change the wall appearance just by their presence. Just the shape of these shelves makes their stunning pieces of walls.

These shelves are available in different sizes and materials—however, the inside decoration and arrangements of the shelves depend on the user.

There are thousands of different ideas on the internet about the decoration of these shelves. And in this article, we will explain some very unique and easy hexagon shelf decoration ideas that you can DIY.

1. Shelves Painting

The painting of shelves is a straightforward approach to make them appealing. Usually, the hexagonal shelves come up with their original material, like wood or metal. You can paint them according to your desire and choice.

For the shelves paint, you can use different paints inside and out. Painting just one of two sides is also giving a stunning look. The painted hexagonal shelves alone are enough to decorate the walls.

You can use more than one color to paint the shelves.

2. Making Honeycomb

Usually, the hexagonal shelves come up in separate pieces. By joining the pieces in different directions, you can make a honeycomb-like structure. You can paint or use different decorative pieces to fill the shelves.

3. Mirror Shelves

A lot of people love having mirrors around. If you are among those, the hexagonal shelves provide you with a perfect space to adorn the place with mirrors. With these shelves, you don't need to purchase expensive mirror frames. Just hang the mirrors between the shelves.

4. The Book rack

Using hexagonal shelves as book rack is a very simple and common approach. However, if you want to use these shelves as book rack, make sure to buy large-sized shelves and install some smooth and straight ledge in them.

5. Use Plant Pots

If you are a nature lover, here is the idea that you can use. Small and beautiful plant pots can also be used to decorate the shelves.

There are various different types of striking plant pots available in the market that you can buy, especially to place on these shelves.

6. Place Pictures Frame

No decorative piece is better than family portraits. You can place your whole family pictures on the shelves to make a special corner for all of you. The dining room is the place for this kind of arrangement.

7. Combination of Hexagonal Shelves and Tiles

Hexagonal tiles and shelves make an amazing and eye-stopping combination. You can buy the tiles with the same color as the shelves and place them alternatively or in various combinations. Different colored tiles can also be used on the back of shelves to make them colorful.

8. Use Antique Pieces

While decorating the shelves, you can place anything on them, even if it's an antique piece or the old toys of your kid. The arrangement of pieces matters a lot to create synchronization, which gives an appealing look.

The Final Words

When it comes to decorations, let your imagination goes viral. By limiting your thoughts and ideas, you cannot make something unique and eye-catching. You can buy the hexagonal shelves from the market in an affordable range and convert them into expensive pieces.