Lip Gloss Tubes: All Questions You May Want to Know

Lip Gloss Tubes: All Questions You May Want to Know

The cosmetic industry is a global billion-dollar industry with lots of customers springing up each passing day. It's no surprise you're probably looking to expand an existing cosmetic business or just starting out. Whichever the case, you'll be needing quality containers like lip gloss tubes. These tubes can be designed to be much more than just containers. Consider them a marketing tool that gives customer's first impression about your business models.

While cheap packaging may save you some money, using inferior tubes can leave a messy experience for customers. Before taking the leap to order your first batch of lip gloss tubes, here are some questions and answers to guide you along the way.

Jars or tubes?

When it comes to lip gloss packaging, the two most popular options are jars and tubes. Tubes are the most common option many manufacturers use. They are easy to use and make applications super easy. Jars are preferred when the content is thicker like a lip balm. As an amateur in the cosmetic lip gloss business, it's advisable to go with tubes.

What's the perfect tube size?

There's really no perfect tube size but more of what's most popular. Lip gloss tube suppliers offer standard 3ml tubes. However, there are several size options to choose from. If you're looking to introduce sample tubes as a marketing strategy to introduce your brand, you'll most likely need smaller sized tubes. As mentioned, lip gloss tube suppliers are more than ready to discuss tube size variations with you.

What shape of tube should you go for?

It's all a matter of choice and preference. What's most important is that you choose a shape that totally reflects the brand's personality. Classic tube shapes are still popular because they are small enough to fit into a bag and users have a feel of the total product content. This does not mean you cannot opt for more artistic shapes to stand out. Try not to overdo things; standing out is good and makes a good impression. However, do not lose focus on what's really important — the quality of the lip gloss!

What's the supplier's MOQ?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. It is used when buying products from suppliers. Each supplier determines if they would have an MOQ or not. As a new business, you want to work with a supplier with the lowest MOQ or one that doesn't have any. This is because a high MOQ means you must purchase quantities you probably are not certain you can sell off. Find suppliers willing to send sample tubes, if you'll need to see samples.

Where should the supplier be located?

When you consider suppliers, Alibaba would be a great choice. What you get, in terms of advantage, from shipping products from overseas is a wide range of product options which are offered at a way cheaper price.


If you're venturing into the cosmetic lip gloss business, you'll need to buy lip gloss tubes in bulk. Buying them wholesale provides you with varying options in size and shape. The post addresses some questions that you'll need answers to before starting a lip gloss brand. There are lots of existing brands in the business, so the onus will be on you to replicate existing packaging options or dare to be different with your packaging. A good market survey would be the right step in making that choice.