How to Select the Best Wine Glasses That Suit You

How to Select the Best Wine Glasses That Suit You

Contrary to general opinion, several factors contribute to wine taste and experience. These properties include shape, size, and even the color of your wine glass. Different glass colors symbolize different occasions or themes of a particular activity. For example, blue wine glasses can be used for a wild or kids’ type of party and is not suited for a high-end ball or party. The type of wine glasses you choose will dramatically affect how good of a wine experience you get.

Depending on the event, you should learn to select the right wine glass that will blend well and offer an optimized experience. You should not blindly choose any wine glass and expect to use it for every occasion. Knowing variations of wine glasses will significantly benefit you whether you’re a wine lover or not.

What Affects the Taste of Your Wine?

When people say that the glass shape affects the taste of your wine, it is scientifically factual and not mythical as it may seem. According to a Japanese study, the vapor density at the top varies depending on the glass. Thus, the shape of the glass also affects the position and amount of vapor at the opening. The vapor is an essential component in how your wine tastes.

Shape, however, is not the only thing that determines the taste. Wine should not be filled to the top but should be given space for the aroma and vapor to collect to the top for a maximized taste. Therefore, fill your wine to the widest point of the glass.

How A Wine Glass Functions

A typical wine glass has three main parts; the stem, stand and bowl. Aromas are collected at the top of the glass space; hence when you swirl, it enables you to smell and taste the wine better. However, stemless glasses don’t have the base part of the wine glass and instead have a flat bottom.

Types of Wine Glasses

1. Red Wine Glasses

Generally, red wine requires a larger surface area to fully allow the aroma to spread and soften, optimizing its taste. Hence, since red wine is a highly volatile drink, red wine glasses need to have a rounder and fuller look to allow maximum evaporation and oxidization.

2. White Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are specifically U-shaped, with a thinner, straighter, and taller space. This shape is to keep the cool wine temperature on point mainly. The slightly big opening allows the wine to be directed to the side of the tongue for a bolder and more colorful floral flavor. These glasses can also be used to serve a rose since it has almost the same elements as white wine.

3. Universal Wine Glasses

If you don’t want to bother about the different shapes and flavors of wine, this is the best kind of glass to buy. They also save on a lot of space and are multifunctional for red and white wine.

4. Fitz Glasses

The main aim of these glasses is to maintain the bubbles and cool the temperature. Thus, they use tall narrow glasses, often called flutes.

What and How to Choose

Within red and white wine categories, there are more subcategories within them depending on the kind of wine since not all are the same despite having the same color. You can choose to use multifunctional glasses, but it is best to have wine glasses for all occasions and types of wine. A little bit of both is an excellent idea since you can switch them depending on the event.


The wine experience is more than just buying any glass to fill it in. You should ensure you experience all the flavors, which means you must get the right glasses for each occasion and type of wine. Purchasing several glasses of all kinds is a fantastic idea since you enjoy all types of wines to the fullest.