Guide to Choosing the Right Computer Mouse

Guide to Choosing the Right Computer Mouse

Do you want to buy a new computer mouse? You need to gather information about different types of mice and choose the right one. If you are like most people, you may have not thought much about upgrading your mouse. The truth is that the mouse is an important accessory as it is used most of the time. The time for sticking to cheap junk is over. It is time to replace your old mouse with bluetooth mouse 2nd generation to get better at gaming and work. Moreover, a great mouse helps prevent damage to the fingers and wrists. The following are the important things to consider when purchasing a mouse.

Consider Your Needs

Many people opt for a three-button mouse as it is the standard in the industry. However, if you have specific tasks you want to perform, you should get a specially designed mouse. For instance, if you are a gamer, you should go for a gaming mouse. This will help you enjoy the gameplay and play better. The gaming mouse is known to provide ergonomic benefits. Moreover, it has a high-quality sensor that helps improve accuracy. You can also find some brands with additional buttons that make it easier to do repetitive tasks.

There is also a travel mouse. Usually, the travel mouse is wireless and affordable enough to easily replace it if lost. It is designed to fit inside a small travel bag. However, it is not meant for heavy use.


An ergonomic mouse is one designed to fit your hand naturally. In this way, it helps reduce strain on the wrist and fingers. Also, it tends to come with additional buttons. How comfortable it is, depends on several factors. You should note that size is an important factor. Also, you can find mice in both left and right-handed versions. It is advisable to test out the mouse before using it. If you are buying online, consider one that comes with a fair return policy.

Polling Rate

This is another critical specification to consider. The polling rate is measured in hertz. It shows the number of times that your mouse positions itself to the computer. It is advisable to choose a mouse with a higher polling rate as it implies smooth movement and improved accuracy. If you are a gamer, you should get a mouse with a polling rate higher than 500 Hz.

Go Wireless

In the past, people did not like the wireless mouse because of the lag. However, with advancements in technology, lag is all gone. Even then some gamers like the wired mouse because of the reliability and consistency it provides. If you get a good wireless mouse, it will take several years before you even replace the battery. The good thing about a wireless mouse is the convenience it offers. You do not have to deal with clutter caused by cables. Also, the modern ones have a better wireless range. You can use your mouse to control a laptop attached to a TV or projector even from several feet away.