Common Types of Wireless Keyboards for Tablets

Common Types of Wireless Keyboards for Tablets

The truth is that wireless keyboards are important computer peripherals. That is because they help minimize the cable clutter. Moreover, they make it easier for you to control your tablet without always having it on your hands. There are different types of wireless keyboards available. This makes the process of choosing the best grey keyboard a bit tricky. It is important to know the keyboard connection options you have before buying one for your tablet.


The Bluetooth technology is a great way of syncing wireless keyboards to the tablet. However, this technology is known to be effective when the tablet and keyboard are within a short-range. Nevertheless, you can considerably transfer a high amount of data. It is advisable to use the office keyboard as it creates the right connection. The Bluetooth keyboard is readily available in different styles, including ergonomically designed ones.


RF stands for radio frequency. Ideally, these are keyboards that are meant to be used for long-range. They utilize broadcast technology that is similar to Wi-Fi and are commonly used in applications that require wireless networking. The radio frequency technology provides them with a better range as compared to Bluetooth keyboards. For instance, some RF tablet keyboards can work up to 100 feet. Since RF keyboards are considered to be specialized tools, they are very expensive.


These tablet keyboards utilize light waves to create connections. As you know, infrared light cannot be seen by your naked eye. They are also used in other wireless devices including TV remotes. The good thing about this technology is that it supports high data transfer. The drawback with these keyboards is that they can easily lose connection when they are blocked by a solid object.


These have the same operation as the infrared keyboards because they utilize light to connect to the tablet. They are designed to have only a projector unit and do not have physical components. It works by casting the image of the keyboard on a flat surface. It then uses breaks in light beams to work out what the fingers type. The keyboards are quite useful for people who like traveling on a routine case.

There is a reason people go for wireless keyboards. It helps them overcome the challenge posed by the onscreen keyboard when it comes to typing. You should note that wireless keyboards are available in different sizes and they have a variety of features. Also, they differ on how the keys are spaced and on the type of connection they support. Other than other factors such as build quality and price, there are other useful features to consider to ensure you choose the best keyboard.

Although most people opt for a wireless keyboard, getting one with a dock offers a notebook-like experience. However, the dock will restrict you from working with a given tablet. Even the Bluetooth keyboards available on the market come with their stands to keep the tablet steady. It is advisable to choose the Bluetooth keyboard that helps keep the tablet steady.